Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bzzagent - Summer Grilling with Kroger Campaign

A month ago I was selected to participate in the Bzzagent, Summer Grilling with Kroger campaign. I was so excited to receive my products and get to testing, cause what's better than free products? FREE FOOD PRODUCTS!!! 

I was sent the following coupons:
- One free Big K 12-pack soda (any variety)
- One free pack of Kroger hamburger/slider buns (8 or 12 count)
- One free pack of Kroger Beef sliders or Turkey burgers
- One free pack of Kroger potato chips (any variety)
- 40 cents off one Kroger deluxe ice cream (any variety)

I was also sent a bunch of 40 cents coupons off Big K 12-pack soda and ice cream to give to my family and friends.

The day my coupons arrived, I hurried off to my nearest Kroger store and started shopping. I picked up turkey burgers, hamburgers buns, plain chips and Orange soda. I got back home, turned on my oven, and got to cooking. The best part was that the turkey burgers did not need to be defrosted. 

The turkey burgers were great. I personally thought that they could use a tad bit more seasoning but other than that they were an awesome grab. For the price of $7.99, I will definitely be purchasing them again. 

The chips were delicious. My husband (who's not a store brand type of guy) said that they tasted just as good as Lays chips. I have to totally agree with him on that one. They were gone in a couple days.  

The orange soda was awesome. I'm a big fan of orange soda to begin with and the taste of the Kroger brand was just/if not better than any brand name orange soda.

Overall, if you want great products with great flavors for a great price, then check out your local Kroger store.

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