Sunday, September 1, 2013

Influenster Lifeway Kefir Review

A month ago I was selected to participate in the Influenster Lifeway program. I'm a huge fan of yogurt, so I was really excited to try out this new product. A week later I received two coupons, one was for a free product and the other was for $1 off 2. Looking at the coupons, I realized that this product comes in a drinkable form as well as frozen. I knew immediately that I was headed off to get some frozen yogurt.

I jumped onto my laptop and checked out the Lifeway site and narrowed down the closest stores to my location that carried them, the only problem is that the site doesn't state whether the stores carry both (drinkable, frozen) or just one kind. First two stores I walked into didn't have any at all (regardless of what the website had said), next store I walked into had only the drinkable yogurt. By now I was starting to get frustrated because how hard can it be to find a simple product. A few days later, I made a special trip out to a higher end grocery store and was lucky enough to find that they carried both products. My product of choice was the strawberry frozen Kefir.

I love the taste, it reminds me of candy (think laffy taffy of sorts), I would definitely try the other flavors. The other awesome benefits to this product include, probiotics, low calorie count, all natural, gluten free just to name a few. I will say though that I didn't enjoy traveling all over town just to find it and I doubt I would pay $5 a pint. In my opinion, that's just a tab bit high. However if it happened to be on sale, I'd be all over it.

**These products were sent to me complimentary through Influenster for an honest non paid review**

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